Mentieth Road Car Park Closure

The Menteith Road car park in Motherwell Shopping Centre will be closed all day on Wednesday for emergency tree felling to be carried out.
A dozen trees have died due to their roots becoming too large for the planter boxes they were put in and have become a potential hazard for shoppers.
No vehicles will be permitted to park from 6pm on Tuesday to ensure the area is clear when tree surgeons start work early on Wednesday morning.
Centre manager Geraldine El Masrour said: “There really is no ideal time to do this, but with it being the Spring break and the centre being a little quieter we decided to get it done.
“It would be a risk to leave the trees much longer as there was certainly the potential that they could become a hazard to people if they weren’t removed.”
The trees will be replaced with species which will thrive better in the planters.
Alternative parking in the town centre is available at the Aquatec, Dalziel Street, behind the Royal Bank of Scotland, the South end of the Shopping Centre and Brandon Street.