New Shops Move In…

Motherwell Shopping Centre has received a double boost with the news that empty shops on Brandon Parade East are filling up fast, and one of the recent new arrivals has been so busy they have not had time to hold an official opening.

Chester Properties who run the Centre have leased two of the four remaining units on Brandon Parade East, one to Peter Francis Jewellers and the other to a café operator. There has also been strong interest in a third property, which would leave just one shop to let.

The Windmill Café at the far end of Brandon Parade East opened two months ago, but their volume of business means plans for an official opening have been put on the back burner.

Development Officer Margery McBain said: “We wanted to hold an official opening to thank everyone for their support in getting the Café up and running.

“But we have been so busy that we just haven’t been able to make the time which is a lovely problem to have.

Chester Director William Gear said: ”From our point of view it is a real delight to see that end of Brandon Parade East so vibrant and busy, especially since that situation can only get better when our latest tenants move in.

“Our priority now is to let the two empty units at the Brandon Parade South entrance to the Centre and find a tenant for the upper floor of the old Asda building”.

Peter McGough will run the new jewellery shop at 86 Brandon Parade East as part of the family business. His father Peter senior runs a long-standing wholesale jewellery business, and the family also have a jewellery shop in Wishaw.

Peter, 22 said: “We felt the time was right to open another shop, and Motherwell seemed the ideal choice. It is a really good shopping centre, with impressive footfall figures.

“We will carry a wide range of stock, do repairs and I will provide a bespoke jeweller service, designing rings and other pieces, which is particularly popular with young people getting engaged and married”.

The Peter Francis shop is aiming to open this weekend with up to three family members and around the same number of part time staff.

Number 64 Brandon Parade East has also been let to a new cafe operator who is due to start fitting out works this month.